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My name is Cortney Niem, and I offer massage therapy in
the Bay Area. I am a graduate at one of the best massage
schools in the country, finishing a 720-hour course. Please
visit my services page to get more details on the types of
massage I offer. These are fantastic rates for excellent quality
and professionalism such that you may find with your local
certified massage therapist. Please select an option from the
left to read more.
Why massage? The potential benefits are endless!
Increases circulation
Eliminates horrible waste and toxins in your body that
can make you more prone to sickness
Can alleviate pain
Helps reduce insomnia
Increased overall sense of well-being
And so much more!
Why should I choose you rather than my local spa?
Do you know where your massage therapist was
My school is one of the most extensive programs in the country.
It offers a broad range of Eastern and Western massage
techniques to incorporate into my own practices. Some schools
offer a 100-hour certified course and these spas can and will
hire these therapists, whereas my school is a 720-hour program.
My extensive knowledge and hands-on education is guaranteed
to give you an experience to one that is matched to your local
spa or certified massage therapist.
My dedication to the field of healing is personal.
At a young age I had spine surgery that left me recovering for 1 1/2 years. Physical therapy was not the answer for me, although
it is for some. Massage therapy helped me learn to relax and
have an overall sense of well-being. I want to give each and
every one of my clients the same experience in healing in which
I was given.     
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